How an online bingo game works

The rules of bingo are really not complicated to understand, but it is easier to explain them through the flow of the game:

  • Step 1 Start by choosing from the different versions of the online bingo game (30 balls, 75 balls or 90 balls).
  • Step 2 Next, you are assigned one or more bingo cards/grids/cardboard. This card has a specific number of numbers depending on the version of bingo you have chosen. 
  • Step 3 The “crier” announces the numbers on the balls he draws. If you find the number announced on your grid you can mark it or place a chip on it.
  • Step 4 If you complete the required pattern (rows, columns or diagonals, depending on the version of the online bingo game) you call “BINGO”. 
  • Step 5 For Real Bingo only – Check with the caller that all numbers match.
  • Step 6 Collect your prize!

Rules to keep in mind

bingo online

Some of the rules we’re about to state are obvious, but it’s always good to keep them in mind when playing Bingo:

  • You can only tick the boxes in your grid if the number called matches one of the numbered boxes.
  • In order to shout “Bingo” you must have recreated the winning pattern, usually a complete row, column or diagonal. This depends on the version.
  • If two players complete their grids at the same time, they will share the winnings or the winner will be chosen by a random draw.

Practice the rules at the best online casinos!

Online bingo: a game that is making a comeback!

Who hasn’t heard of bingo? It’s one of the most famous games in the world! We’ve all come across it at a camping party or even when visiting our elders in retirement homes. But bingo is far from being an outdated game. In fact, since the rise of the internet, a huge number of online bingo games have been developed.

Would you like to play bingo online? Free, real money or even live, there is something for everyone! In this article we will show you the game from every angle. Our experts even give you some techniques on how to win money at bingo, so don’t go anywhere!

Playing bingo at an online casino: bonuses and jackpots 

Free bingo

This advice applies to almost all casino games. If you want to play safely and be able to win a lot at the online games you like, you should register at an online casino.

Indeed, by playing bingo at a casino:

  • You will be able to take advantage of various offers and promotions, which will allow you to play at the site of your choice for longer (including no-deposit bonuses). 

You will always find better games at an online casino

Your personal information is protected by the casino’s legal notice.

You have access to games with jackpots. You can try to win a fortune at your favourite game.

In short, it is clear that registering with an online casino to play bingo has many advantages. However, before you try your luck at winning the jackpot we recommend that you start by practicing on free software or simply activating the “demo mode” available at your casino.  

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