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Baccarat casino rules

You have discovered baccarat on the table games page of your favourite casino or simply by watching James Bond (baccarat casino royale, does that remind you of anything?), but you don’t know how to play it? It’s true that people tend to think that this game is more complicated than it really is! But the baccarat game is actually quite simple to understand.  

If the goal of the baccarat game is to get the closest possible hand to 9, it is not your hand that will make you win. In fact, the key to the game is whether or not you guess who will have the winning hand between the bank, you, or if there is a tie.

As in blackjack, in baccarat you need to know the value of the cards:

  • Aces to 9s: each card is worth the written value.
  • Logs – King, Queen and Jack: worth zero

However, and this is where it gets tricky, your hand will not always be worth the sum of your two cards. In baccarat, your hand cannot be worth more than 9. So, if you get a 3 and a 2, your hand will be worth 5. However, if you get a 9 and a 5, then your hand will be worth the value of the unit number of the sum. That is, 9+5 = 14, so your hand is worth 4.

After that, the rules of the game allow you to draw a new card or not.

The value of the first two player action cards

  • 0 to 5 Draw.
  • 6 or 7 Remains.
  • 8 or 9 No more draws possible “natural hand.

How a game of baccarat is played

Baccarat rules
  • Step 1 The dealer starts by determining the amount he will bet – this amount will be used as a reference to define the bettors’ bets.
  • Step 2 It is the other players’ turn to bet, starting with the player to the right of the dealer. 

The first player can bet the full amount of the dealer’s bet by calling “banco”. 

The first player can bet part of the dealer’s bet (e.g. half)

Subsequent players can match the previous player’s bet (e.g. the previous player bet half, so you can bet the other half or a quarter)

Subsequent players can also bet the same amount as the dealer.

  • Step 3 Definition of the “deck”, the player who will receive the cards is:

The player who placed the largest bet on the table 

Or the player who announced “banco

Or in case of a tie, the player closest to the dealer

  • Step 4 Deal the cards. A total of 4 cards are dealt, 2 to the dealer and 2 to the deck.
  • Step 5 Third card is dealt or not.
  • Step 6 The player with the hand closest to 9 wins the game.
  • Step 7 The winnings are paid out.

Baccarat: online casino the best place to play

Baccarat casino

To start playing the baccarat game, it is really advisable to get your hands on a free baccarat game or simply on an online casino in demo mode. But what are the real advantages of playing baccarat online?

Take the time to learn the sometimes complicated rules, card values, payouts, odds of winning.

Develop a strategy so that you can win real money in a land-based casino or simply with live dealers in the live casino.

Test the different variations of online baccarat to find out which one you prefer.

Learn how to manage your bets properly so that you don’t lose too much money in baccarat when you actually play it. You can start playing for free at Gratowin Casino!